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Igor Solovjov and Vedunja
The history of Vega Shelk kennel begun when we met and became friends with Igor Soloviev, one of the most famous Russian borzoi breeders of the XX century. Our vision of breeding and raising these magnificent dogs was formed under Mr. Soloviev’s influence and patient guidance. As a true contemporary connoisseur of Russian borzoi breed history he spent a lifetime to preserve borzoi-breeding culture and pass its traditions over to his numerous followers.
In March 1989 we bought two four-week old female pups from the best Soloviev’s brood bitches, red and white with black mask Vedunia and black and white Garna. They were foundation bitches for our kennel that we named Shelk. Later on, when Russia joined FCI, we learned that this name already belongs to another European kennel. However, we did not want to part with an old name, so we added another word to it, Vega. It stands for first two letters in our dogs’ names – Vedunia and Garna. Also, it is the name of one of the largest stars of the universe.

Garna and Vedunja as puppies

Garna and Vedunja
Anatoly and Mila Panteleevs are glad to welcome you on the virtual representation of their kennel!

At this point we have 7 bitches that live in our home as members of our family. Not all of them are used in our breeding, but only those that might somehow improve the breed. Some of them are just our home pets. We simply love them and hope that they love us as well. 

Also, we mate our bitches only when we plan to leave a puppy in our kennel or give it to our close friends.

Vega Shelk dogs at Upa river

Tzarina and Vedunja
Our children and grandchildren grew up with our dogs and also cannot imagine their lives without borzois. Our dogs have their own personal veterinarian, our daughter Dasha.

All of our dogs are field-tested and many of them passed wild prey field trials with high scores because we feel that Russian borzois should definitely remain a working breed as their hunting destination shaped their aristocratic appearance.

After we became involved with this wonderful breed we met many great and dedicated people all over the world and enjoy their friendship ever since.

Also, our work with borzois is not limited just to breeding. Mila Panteleeva is a certified FCI borzoi judge and a field and show judge for Russian Hunting and Fishing Union. She is the President of National Hound Club, vice-president of ICRPB and editorial board member for Svora bulletin. 

At Field Trials in Belorussia



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